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soulful accompaniment on your spiritual journey to foster growth

into the fullness of your own life's story

What to Expect in Our Sessions
Daniel Tidwell
Spiritual Director

Spiritual Companionship and Direction is about us holding space together for you to explore the shape of your own life's journey. In the sacred space of this relationship, you are safe and free to explore your deepest questions about yourself and the divine. My work is to come alongside you, to witness, celebrate, and encourage you as you deepen the roots of your own spirituality, ask new questions, and grow your capacity to breathe, be, and love.


Maybe you are rooted in a faith tradition, are spiritual but not religious, are recovering from religion, or are simply seeking space to breathe and ask real questions. Whatever brings you here, I would love to help you honor the story of your life and wonder with you about the holy hunger of your soul.

My Hope for Our Work Together

I work with people of all faiths and of no faith tradition.


I've practiced multiple Christian traditions and have studied the religious and spiritual traditions of many world faiths. Our work together is centered on deepening your particular spiritual journey, wherever your own soul is leading you.


I seek to honor, respect, and work responsibly with people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, nationalities, and ages. However, it is important that you work with a spiritual director that you trust. So, if you have questions about my ability to work with you, please feel free to call or set up a free introductory session to see if I would be a good fit for you.


Spiritual Companionship & Direction
Sessions Available
Saturday 8am - 4pm 
in Lower Queen Anne
Online Sessions Available
for distance clients
via Skype or Facetime
By Scheduled Appointment
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